Our blended collection uses agarwood as a base, which is combined with a carefully curated selection of other natural spices, herbs and plants to enhance the agarwood base.

Re-experience the luxury of the wealthy and ancient royal families with this incense selection and choose the perfect scent for any occasion.

Pear Scent Agarwood - Sticks

Natural sweet Agarwood with a pleasant fruity pear aroma

Gardenia Agarwood – Sticks

An uplifting woody and fresh floral mix with long-lasting sweetness

Mixed Hainan Agarwood – Sticks

A classic cool earthy scent with a touch of sweet smoke

Ambergris Agarwood – Sticks

Rich, mellow aroma with musky and sweet earthy notes

Ancient East Asia Retro - Sticks

Sweet oriental wood alongside a light rosy aroma

Ancient China Retro - Sticks

Subtle creamy aroma with a sweet exotic woody twist

Su Brothers Retro - Sticks

Aromatic honey Agarwood with an elegant Jasmine fragrance

Huang Tingjian Retro - Sticks

A light clove blend with warm Agarwood and sweet floral

Spring Letter Retro - Sticks

A rich balsamic woody aroma resembling a crisp, dry forest

Makkota - Sticks

Strong, mellow Agarwood with rich musky notes

Kynam Red soil – Sticks

A powerful, rich, creamy scent with notes of musk and cool Agarwood

Pear Scent Agarwood - Coil

Natural sweet Agarwood with a pleasant fruity pear aroma