Stunning !
I had been looking for a high quality incense burner and found exactly what I was after on the Xia-Agarwood website ; beautiful to look at, solid brass and HEAVY. I also ordered a box each of the "Thick Coil" Vietnam Nha Trang Red Soil & Phuoc Son Red Soil incense. Each coil burns for approximately 2 hours. They are superb. The real thing and not some synthetic imitation. I am 100% going to be ordering some more. A total 10 out of 10.

Simon Green

Brilliant family run business , as a agarwood collector , I thought I would try their pure agarwood sticks and I'm blown away at the aroma and quality , highly recommended

Zubair Ismail

Truly the best Agarwood incense I have found online!

Incredible fragrance, beautiful packaging and speedy delivery - brilliant service


Great value and quality!! I have been looking for affordable high quality pure agarwood sticks for some time now and very happy to have found them here!!

George Harvey

I was in doubt before I purchased the pure Agarwood recommended by a close friend, however it turns out to be quite amazing as its natural fragrance makes me feel so calm... and the choices of scent, WOW! ( I have received a sample of the whole lot) It's also beautifully packaged, the quality of both the incense sticks holder and wooden burner is way above my expectation, hence, I purchased some to send to my colleagues and friends, arrived next day and they all love it. Great stuff, thanks for providing such good quality products!

Dan WU, Chartered Accountancy Partner

Xin Agarwood without a doubt provided me with an experience of pure bliss! Every Incense has its own character, an aura which has the ability to transport you to different places and time.

I also have the rectangular wooden incense burner with chinese characters on it, and I must say that the quality is superior!!

Iroda Akbarova, Wellness, Health and Beauty enthusiast

I've been looking for quality incense burner so I found Xin-Agarwood. Really happy with the product material and design; I didn't expect the colour changes based on the viewing angle and it looks so nice.

It's very pleasant to just keep watching the smoke dancing in the air while enjoying the nice smell of agarwood. I would definitely recommend to anyone who hasn't try the products from Xin-Agarwood.

Arya Z, IT/Sales professional

Long story short, I discovered Xin Agarwood from local business.The other night I used a stick of Ambergris and one of Gardenia before bed and knowing that often times I get headaches from incense sticks, I left my window slightly cracked.

I settled in for my usual evening meditation to clear out the mind clutter and let me tell you that I had a surreal experience. My focus increased exponentially and I had a vivid sensory experience of being in a tropical forest, surrounded by green, lush trees, birds chirping and waterfalls.

The bottom line is that the experience was amazing, didn't left me with headaches, no lingering smoke around the room and a pleasant, soft, smooth feeling of "I am here, now, in the present moment"

Give them a try! I am sure you can find something that fits your preferences and taste. I am still to try them all.

Cecilia B., Yoga teacher

I bought an incense holder and I love it. It's so stylish and it really brightens up my desk. Thank you Xin Agarwood.

Alex Ritley, Programmer

I really love incense sticks but after doing some research into how incense sticks are made, I found that a lot of incense sticks contain artificial ingredients which is bad for my health. After doing a lot of digging around on the web, I discovered Xin Agarwood. I must say, their incense sticks are so pure that you feel amazing for hours after use.

Yuki Alison, Journalist