- What is agarwood?

Agarwood, also commonly known as Oud or Oudh, is a resin formed from the Aquilaria tree in the Asia tropic zone. The resin is formed when the tree is wounded by natural forces such as storms. It is a natural and valuable commodity that has been used for centuries as perfumes, incenses and medicine.

- What are the benefits of agarwood?

Agarwood had been widely used in medicine. Traditionally used by wealthy people and the royal family to help achieve inner peace, agarwood can help reduce stress, induce relaxation, concentration and sleep.

- How is agarwood formed into incenses?

Small pieces of agarwood are crushed into powder. For the blended agarwood incense, natural spice, herbs and plants are added. The mixture is then moulded to form its shape. We use a mixture of hand and machine formation to create incense sticks and coils. Our adhesive-free range is constructed using a high-pressure machine.

- How to use the incense sticks

Light the incense tip until it flames. Once the tip begins to grow, blow out the blame, let the tip grow for approximately 10 seconds, fix the incense into an appropriate holder or burner and leave about 30-50cm away.

- Where can incense sticks be used?

Any indoor area such as the office, living room, bedroom, study room etc. Please always be cautious of fire safety.

- When should the incenses be used?

Anytime, but do not use before driving. Please note that the following products should not be used during pregnancy: Ambergris Agarwood, Ancient East Asia Retro, Makkota, Kynam Red soil.

- How many incense sticks in a pack?

This varies, for example the incense sticks sold in a tube are usually 10g with approximately 28-30 sticks. Please visit the product page for specifications.

- How long do the incense sticks burn for?

This varies, incense sticks typically burn for up to 45 minutes. The coils can burn up to 2 hours. Please visit the product page for specifications.

- Does agarwood always smell the same?

Whilst we try our best to maintain the same aroma produced, we cannot guarantee the exact scent. Different production batches use raw materials that may have slight differences, even if the trees' conditions are the same. The variations exist due to the difficulty in controlling Agar production in the trees.

- Do your incenses contain any synergic ingredients?

None at all. We truly believe in producing high quality incenses using pure agarwood. Our blended agarwood range only uses natural ingredients.

- Do the incense sticks have expiry dates?

No, if stored correctly. Agarwood is an ageing commodity that can be left to mature. In fact, the scent improves with age. Ensure that it is kept in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight.