Classic, Natural & Authentic Pure and Blended Agarwood Incenses

Made with only the finest ingredients. Our incense products help you connect with nature to calm your senses and be present.

Pure Agarwood

Our traditional collection of pure agarwood from Asian tropical zones. These incense sticks release the true fragrance that comes with lengthy ageing. Pure agarwood is the best way to experience the authentic pureness of this fragrant wood.

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Blended Agarwood

Our blended collection uses agarwood as a base, which is combined with a carefully curated selection of other natural spices, herbs and plants to enhance the agarwood base.
Re-experience the luxury of the wealthy and ancient royal families with this incense selection and choose the perfect scent for any occasion.

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Adhesive-free Agarwood

Our adhesive-free range is not only more powerful, but it is also purer. We use new technology to remove the sticky powder from incenses resulting in a clearer, refined aroma.
This new technology adopts high pressure to form the shape, which means the incense usually comes in a thick coil or a pillar stick. These are generally placed on a fire-resistant fabric instead of an incense holder.

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Keep your incense burning with our holders and burners. We also offer other accessories designed to complement your incense experience. A wide range of styles is available to suit your needs—the perfect match for your incense.

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