Scent Rage ⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪

Durability ⚫⚫⚪⚪⚪

Mellowness ⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪

Invigorate yourself with a refreshing pear aroma

One of the best natural blended Agarwood products, this pleasant incense is light and helps to calm your mind during tense times. The fruity aroma lingers in the room and is very comforting.

This formula dates back to royal families in the ancient dynasty. While simple ingredients are used, the formation is sophisticated.

Made with freshly squeezed pear juice dried into a powder then blended with Pursat Agarwood. It is steamed repeatedly, allowing the pear scent to thoroughly soak in Agarwood, then finally left to dry.

  • Pear Juice
  • Cambodian Pursat Agarwood

  • Incense shape: Coils
  • Diameter approx. 45mm
  • 20 coils per box
  • Approx. 120 mins burn time per coil
  • Net weight of each box is approx. 20 grams
  • box size is 55x55x34mm
  • No wooden central core (clean burning)
  • No animal ingredients or testing
  • No synthetic oils or fragrances
  • Made in China

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