Delightful Companions

It doesn't matter you are enjoying the entertainment, hosting guests or stressfully working overtime, Agarwood Incense can be your delightful companions to help you relax, enliven the atmosphere and enhance your enjoyment.

You might want to start with sorting the burning time to fit your purposes, here are some hints:

  • Burning time: 30 - 45 mins (ideal for reading time, short break etc)
    • All incense sticks have burning time rang approx. 35mins to 45mins. Specifically, all Pure Agarwood incense sticks have approx. 35mins burning time; and most Blended Agarwood incense sticks have approx.45mins burning time.

Apart from the traditional incense, you might want to try some of our new technology Adhesive-free Agarwood products. Some of them required burners that brighten up the desktops; and some of them are much more convenience as they can be placed on provided fireproof cotton pad.