Burning Incenses I.

The right way or time to enjoy burning incense is depending on your use, purpose and environment you're in. When people talk about incense, they usually think of meditation, yoga, odour cleaning or temples. But agarwood incense is more than those.

As chartered accountants, we understand how stressful period feels, especially over the lockdown periods and working from home. We found out that the natural calming property of Agarwood incense is helpful on getting through the tough days. It doesn't matter how or when you use the agarwood incense as long as it helps you to achieve your use, balance and serenity.

Different situations may use different agarwood incense to improve the scent experience. Some light and mellow Blended Agarwood are ideal before yoga and meditation; personally, i would choose some Pure Agarwood with strong Scent range on my desktop while working overtime to refresh myself; also an Agarwood incense coil with 2 hrs burning time will be perfect to accompany my movie time or football game. Like many new things in life, it's all about finding your serenity and what work best for you. In Xin-Agarwood, we give out lots of samples for every purchase, help you to find the right product for your needs.