- Fire resistant cotton (reusable) included

- Ideal for ALL type incense sticks up to 214mm

- NOT suitable for incense coils

Ignite the incense stick, put out the flame and leave on the fireproof layer. Slide to close the cover and enjoy.

This burner is made of strong and resistant wood, aiming for great ash catcher.

With reusable fireproof layer, there is less worry for fire safety. There are two magnets at each end which make it safer for the slide cover.

The cover is carefully carved and polished, easier to clean the smoke marks. The bottom is smoothly processed, no rub to any surface.

Enjoy the retro engraving patterns which also can be well decorated to any rooms.

Ebon wood, Redwood and Copper

  • Dimensions: 237(L) x 50(W) x 25(H)
  • Weight: approx.234 grams

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